Thursday, December 8, 2011

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My adventures in sewing, Part 2

Here I am again, I can't believe I am posting 2 weeks in a row. (Ashlee will be proud)

Well week 2 went really well and I'm so excited for week 3 to start tonight. After getting my pattern, fabric, and all my notions (thread, elastic, ribbon) I was ready to get going on making my very own skirt. While picking out my pattern and fabric I wondered if anyone else in my class would pick the same ones as me. It's pretty funny because there were to matches in my class of the same pattern and no matches on fabric. Two girls chose the same pattern and I saw the one they chose but it was not my style. My pattern was the other that was chosen by someone else. I wasn't sure if I liked that someone else in my class had my pattern but I felt a little better when I saw we had chosen much different fabric.

When I got to my class, I immediately set up my machine but later realized it could have just stayed in the car. I was assuming I would be go to go, ready to start sewing but I was way ahead of myself. I forgot how long it takes to cut out a pattern and then pin it to the fabric (after getting it laid out properly and wrinkle free) and then cut out the fabric. You have to do all of those steps plus a little more before you are ready to get to sewing.

I am not a total newbie when it comes to sewing, I've made a dress for a child and other children's size items so I knew what it was like to cut out a pattern. I didn't realize all the steps you have to take and the precise methods you have to use to do so. I get to cutting out the pattern and am so excited when I finish I immediately start laying out my fabric to start pinning. This is where I was a little slower, and it's great to follow the directions of your pattern and teacher. I was a little worried I wouldn't have enough fabric but I know I bought what the pattern said so I should be good. After reading the pattern and moving the fabric around I realized I had to place the fabric exactly like the pattern and the cut the first 3 pieces out, cut the fabric in half and the cut the other 3 pieces out folding the extra half a different way. Long story short I had plenty of fabric and each piece came out great.

By the time I finished figuring out where to pin the fabric and finally cutting everything out class was over. I couldn't believe how fast the time flew by. After getting everything put up I was ready to head out and excited about putting all the pieces together tonight. Hopefully tonight will go smoothly and I won't have to become best friends with my seam ripper. :) I will leave you with some pictures from my second class and will take more tonight to show you next week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My adventures in sewing, Part 1

I am so excited to be posting again. I have been trying to make myself write a new blog post for a long time but I just haven't been motivated. One I really have not been that interesting lately (or is that just what I am telling myself), two, I have had some things going on but I just don't know if they are blog worthy, and three, I get in a rut of just checking all the blogs I follow each day and then just putting off all these wonderful events that have been going on. More than likely it's number 3. I am a procrastinator, I have been my entire life and it looks like that is not going to be changing anytime soon.

Sorry for all the excuses let me just get into what I'm excited about.

I have owned a sewing machine for about 2 years, started out on a tiny one and then was upgraded two Christmas' ago. I have been testing the waters on what I should sew and have bought plenty of cute books with great ideas in them. (Here comes the procrastinator in me) I just haven't found my niche yet but I really feel like it is coming. Over the past 2 years I have made a few zippered bags as gifts, a few of stuffed animals, some burp cloths for friends, and a couple of outfits for children. One I will admit is still waiting to be finished.

Oh well, all that is changing because I am now enrolled in a sewing class at TCU through their extended education. I am really excited about this because I know I can sew I just don't know if I am sewing very well. I know I want to learn more about this to become really good at it in the future. So I had my first class last Tuesday night and my second one is tonight, classes are every Tuesday in the month of July. The goal for the class (all 4 classes) is to make 2 skirts, one with an elastic waist and one with a zipper. I will tell I am a little nervous about this because I have been sewing in a more home decorator style rather than a me wear my own clothing style. Who knows how it will turn out but I'm in.

Last class we were told would be working on the elastic skirt this Tuesday so it was important to have all of our supplies ready next class. I started getting a little anxious with this task because I was going to have to pick out a pattern, fabric for the skirt and all the extra notions that go with it. I'm not really comfortable with this task because I like to buy my clothes already sewn from a store and picking fabric is hard for me. During my first class we talked about patterns, different types of fabric, notions, and even practiced sewing using a piece of paper to follow along the lines. I was feeling better about the skirt process afterwards so I made a decision to take a trip to Joann's last Thursday night. I was in Joann's for almost 2 hours, trying to make a decision on a pattern, plus the fabric and also there is hardly ever any staff around to help you in that store. I will say if you are interested in sewing please take the class from TCU that I'm taking and also signup for the Joann's emails and iPhone app. I get great discounts and coupons using both.

I want to show you what pattern(s) I ended up with, yes I bought 2 because I still can't decide which one I'm going to use yet. I got a really great deal on my patterns too, through an email I received from Joann's I saw that the Simplicity patterns were going to be $1.99 from Thursday to Sunday. I bought 2 patterns originally priced at $15.95 for $1.99 each.

I know they kind of look the same but I wanted to start out easy and slow so I thought these would be the best pics. I walked around the store with these 2 patterns in my hands, 1 big task down 1 more to go- fabric. This is what I dreded the most because I really wanted to wear the skirt I made so my fabric had to be a great choice. I found a really cute Batik fabric and I carried it all around with me until I did one more loop around the front of the store with all the nice fabrics when I found the one I had to have. It is a Lisette fabric that I fell in love with while looking at the lisette patterns. I really wanted one of those (the patterns) but they didn't have a elastic waist skirt so I was out of luck. Maybe when I get really good at this one I can move one to those. Anyway back to the fabric, it's blue and white sateen fabric that is flowy enough for a skirt, casual and yet because of the look and feel can be more dressed up. Let me show you a picture of it.

After deciding on my fabric I had to make sure I would get enough which was easier than I thought, I know the measurements of my body so that helps. Once all that was done the lady helped me cut the fabric to the yards I needed and I was on my way. Now it just comes to tonight to start making it.

I really hope this skirt comes out well because I spent lots of time deciding on this pattern and fabric. You see in the picture I also had to get some notions- thread, elastic for the waist, and ribbon for the waist as well. I have orange or white ribbon, I will just decide when I get to that point what color I will use. Let's just hope I get to that point. :) After writing this post I guess I will be going with the first pattern (top left) with the ribbon and pockets. Everyone cross your fingers that it turns out ok and wish me luck. I'll be back with an update later.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Baby Moses Project/Wordle

Have any of you ever used Wordle? One of my coworkers learned about this in a training a few weeks ago and it is pretty cool. I made a Wordle in regards to the Baby Moses law for the state of Texas. You can see my Wordle here. (This isn't working so here is a picture of it) While you are looking at that I will let you know about the Baby Moses project.

The Baby Moses Law was created to addres the serious problem of newborn abondonment. This year alone in Texas an average of two newborns per month were found abandoned in a life-threatening environment. Texas law makes it legal for a parent to turn over newborns to Safe Baby Sites without penalty to the parent. NO PENALTY!

Newborns must be delivered to a designated Safe Baby Site, UNHARMED, and 60 days-old or younger. In the state of Texas, Fire stations, Hospitals, and Emergency Medical Services are designated Safe Baby Sites. All of these sites are clearly labeled with the Safe Baby Site signs. In Tarrant County, all Med Star ambulances are also designated Safe Baby Sites.

The organization I work for, Alliance For Children, serves as the coordinating agency for Tarrant County and I am the contact person for this project. It is my job to coordinate with all the Safe Baby Sites to educate all the staff at each location about the project. I also provide each site with a baby bag which includes items for a baby if one is dropped off at a site. A baby bag includes a onesie, baby blanket, diapers, wipes, bottle, and formula all for a child 60 days old or younger.

I also serve as the contact person for Alliance For Children if a child is ever dropped off at a Safe Baby Site. If this happens the fire fighters with provide the baby with the appropriate care and immediately call Child Protective Services (1-800-252-5400) and take the baby to a hospital. Child Protective Services will meet the fire fighters and myself at the hospital to being taking care of the infant. Alliance For Children keeps track of the children who have been turned over to a Safe Baby Site for records.

When the child is dropped off the parents/caregivers are given the chance to fill out some medical history information on the mother and father to later give to the child. On the paperwork there is a spot for the birthday information to be filled out as well, because sometimes there will be not way of knowing how old the child is if that information is not given. Once the child is checked out at the hospital they will receive an evaluation and placement in a permanent loving home through the Department of Family and Protective Services where the child's future is unlimited.

This program is a last resort for desperate parents and was designed to decrease the number of infants who are abandoned in dumpsters and trash cans. If you would like to know more information concerning the Baby Moses Project or how you can help protect children in Tarrant County, please contact Alliance For Children.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shutterfly Post

Hello to everyone, I am having the most difficult time keeping up with my blog recently so I am going to try again.

I have been making Christmas cards the past 3 years using Shutterfly as I keep most of my pictures updated on tha website. I love using Shutterfly as there are so many designs to choose from and a very reasonable prices, especially if you send out lots of cards. I have two designs to choose between right now so all I have to do is make my finally decision before ordering and picking them up at Target. I have a wonderful opportunity to receive 50 free Christmas cards by blogging about Shutterfly's great new cards and their service. Check it out here for your chance.

I would suggest that if you haven't found great Christmas/Holiday cards to head over to Shutterfly to find some great ones. Here are a few of my favorites,

I think I am going to go with the Holly Jolly card but you will just have to see when you open up your card this year!

I hope you have a great day and take advantage of this special offer!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Deliciously Organized is having a giveaway and I would love to win. Their giveaway is one of the personalized plates from Dani Notes Stationary.

How cute are these plates, I love the bottom left plate with green and pink for the personalization. You should really check them out along with the other great items on their blog or Etsy website.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ellery Jane Timmerman

Two weeks ago I was able to head back to Fort Worth and meet my best friend's little girl for the first time! Meeting Ellery was one of the best days and being able to see Beth and Shelby love on their daughter was so amazing. We have waited for this blessing and she is finally here. I had a wonderful time loving on her and and her parents while I was at home for the weekend.

Me with Miss Ellery, she and her mother came to my parents house for dinner with my family and she slept the entire time. We were shocked because there were six women there passing her back and forth getting in our "Ellery time".

It is amazing to me to have known Beth for more than 20 years and now be able to share in the birth of our own children (mine to come later :) ). I love the fact that almost all of our friends have their own children, pregnant right now or are planning on them right now. What a wonderful time in our lives!
Here are a couple more pictures of Miss E and her mommy, Beth. Thank you Beth for letting me share in your joy and I am so proud to be called Aunt Katy!

James 1: 17-18: Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.